SEO TIPS: Tactics to Avoid

Tactics to Avoid with your SEOThere are good and bad ways to attract attention on the internet. Some so-called experts would recommend that the following ideas are sure to help you establish higher rankings, but search engines are smart. Firms are more likely to murder their reputations if they utilize these techniques and will end up creating more work for themselves in the long run.

Bad SEO Strategies

Any method that involves deception is a bad idea. Customers can feel the wrongness of such methods before employing them and you should follow your gut. These include actual cloaking: disguising content so it gets past the search engine's algorithms. Few "bad tactics" make it past Google's defenses though. That's one reason this search engine is so popular with consumers.

Keyword Stuffing

Have you ever clicked on a link to what appeared to be a relevant page only to find it so overstuffed with a certain keyword you were slightly nauseated? Okay, that's an extreme reaction, but at Top Town Delaware SEO they take this business seriously. Content writing should be concise, professional, and appropriately sprinkled with keywords. They should be used judiciously. Over-spicing one's writing makes readers' eyes water, reduces its quality, and loses the company a possible sale.

No Content, Lots of Ads

Some web pages don't contain much writing. What little content found on these sites is repetitive and poorly constructed. Its single purpose is to guide readers to the next page where items are for sale. Search engines frequently recognize these "information" sites and penalize them by reducing their status, perhaps back to page 10 of results.

Duplicate Copy

Most search engines and all SEO companies are aware of the problems with duplicate writing. Simply copy what you wrote on one blog and post it to another site and internet search engines see red. Act like a professional and never commit such a convenient crime. Top Town Delaware SEO works towards installing original content on every URL associated with your product or service: WordPress pages, e-commerce catalogues reviews, and more. You look bad when you copy and paste.

False Reviews

It is not easy to handle a bad review but people have to be able to have their say. Honest feedback is what helps companies grow. Then again, maybe a series of negative comments on the internet have been placed there by unethical competitors. Don't join the dark side. You might not be able to rely on a software program in order to spot fakes, but experts are helping internet consumers make good judgment calls about reviews with advice about identifying bogus review writing style.

Overly descriptive writing could be the work of an enthusiastic, paid artist hired to bolster a company's reputation. When reviews seem similar to others you have seen elsewhere, they could be duplicates designed as part of a smear campaign. Posts should be verified so you know they come from actual customers. Big companies try to vet reviews to ensure they are valid but with mixed success.

Finally, negative writing that is too vague suggests someone is simply being spiteful and trying to discredit another firm. If the writer does not know details, he probably doesn't know the product either. As an SEO tactic, posting false reviews can help increase or decrease ratings but if traced back to the source they could make a business look very bad. When software is designed to catch these illegitimate reviews, they're going to backfire.