SEO Maintenance and Repairs

seo-896175_1920Your internet profile is not a concrete object, so there are no screws to come loose, batteries to recharge, or filters to change. When search engines are unable to locate you or have ceased to bring your website up on page one of a search, something is potentially broken and it might not be your methods. Here are some ideas about streamlining a system so it generates leads quickly, appeals to customers, and contributes to a financially attractive bottom line.

Keyword Analysis

The words you chose to include in your blog writing and landing page introduction were well chosen 12 months ago. Recently they have gone stale. They are over-used and customers have changed the terms they type into the box because everyone is turning to the same keywords and they bring up far too many irrelevant hits. After reading analytics about keywords in your field, it turns out there are better ones and you should make some content changes.

An SEO expert like the ones at Top Town Delaware SEO will perform an analytical survey on the words consumers use to find your product or service, including phrases and terms the competition utilizes. Experts can also perform a predictive search empowering you to change content as soon as it seems your hold on the SEO top spot is slipping. If necessary, they will also write entries containing keyword-rich content.

Technical Site Analysis

Is this page loading the way it should? Let a website guru take a look at your loading speed. Did you know that customers are very impatient on the internet? They expect a page to pop up in under 3 seconds -- which might not sound like much -- but that is all it takes for someone to become impatient and wonder if, by letting your website load, they are introducing "bugs" into their computer. An analyst will identify the problem and fix it.

He will also determine if a webpage is running systems to redirect traffic from bad links, offers a 404 Not Found page, and if there is a robots.txt installation that keeps search engines from identifying a company's internet pages that should be ignored. There's a lot of excellent software at their disposal.

Duplicate Content

The internet doesn't like copycats. If Google or Bing spots an article twice, this isn't twice as good for rankings. Instead, search engines become suspicious that content is plagiarized, has been copy-pasted, or is out of date. For these reasons, a company's ratings plummet if duplicate content is identified. Let an expert locate these problems first.

Image Issues

Does a business suffer from self-image problems? Don't be self-conscious: just beautify your work. Let images shine so they depict products in the best and most professional light. This could mean editing some shots, but if that doesn't do the trick, count on your Top Town Delaware SEO consultant to be honest. A new photo shoot could be in order.

Arrest the Website

It's not true that any website is better than none at all. A badly designed, confusing page or an indecisive landing page might actually cause more problems than it solves. Don't leave people so frustrated by your page that they warn their friends. You might have designed the page but swallow your pride: let the professionals turn a dark background and obscure, unreadable font into an elegant expression of what your company is all about.