Lead Generation

Lead GenerationA website can sit around for a long time waiting for visitors if no one knows it's there. Something has to draw search engines towards a page in order for it to come up on a consumer's search and that's what lead generation is about.

Lead Generation in a Nutshell

Anything that draws attention to your website is a potential lead generator. Your Top Town Delaware SEO expert can lay it all out. She might initiate social media pages (Twitter, MySpace, Pinterest, Facebook), suggest a contest, or use backlinks. Here are some thoughts on lead generation.

Generate Leads

Your SEO professional will suggest some basic methods that have worked for that past few years. You only need to think outside the box when they stop working. Good ones involve social media, ads, and video.

Video Lead Generation

Business owners have a number of media at their disposal, internet being just one of them, but the internet is multifaceted. With this medium, one can reach people's ears and eyes. We are not just talking about pictures but also videos, so why not produce one? It doesn't have to win an Oscar but if your video involves the people and/or products you want to sell, this could be a great way to get people's attention. Even a slightly cheesy but to-the-point ad on the landing page featuring you and your staff will endear you to consumers who like the personal touch more than a slick commercial.

Social Media Magnet

Social media is one of the hottest platforms for lead generation and it is set to become bigger. Using Facebook, for example, businesses create "friends" or people who like their stuff. These individuals pass the word along whether directly or indirectly. Maybe they say something about a firm on their personal pages. Perhaps they list a firm as one of their "likes." Entering the business's Facebook site they log on to leave messages and these messages are noticed by acquaintances, friends, and family. Interest grows and so does the net capturing potential customers.

Game Show Host

Contests make people sit up and notice. A firm might launch one using an ad, a pop-up, an email campaign, or a social media strategy. This might be a short-term thing or a month-long opportunity to warm up your audience. When individuals think they could win something, they are far more likely to read up on a company and "like" them. Even if you're just giving away coupons for free samples of your patented snacks, they're free and that's the key. Then again, thinking back to the use of video, now might be the time to have some fun with a game show-style contest. It all depends on how confident you are and what your budget is.

Be Bold with Backlinks

A judicious use of backlinks is always a good idea. It's not healthy to scatter these to the four corners of the internet where they might or might not be relevant. Earmark specific pages where the addition of a link to your website might make sense. Cheese makers might link to wine shops since there is a well-known connection between them in culinary circles. Cheese makers, however, won't see the point of advertising hot air balloon rides and neither will search engines which penalize such random connections. Trust an SEO specialist like Top Town Delaware SEO to know the best approach to backlinks and other lead generating ideas.